Andy has been my guide for many years. He has an extraordinary eye for observing performers and identifying how to help and support them.  His ability to articulate complex and nuanced ideas in a way that is particular for each actor is a rare find in a teacher and a director.  I trust him unconditionally.

 Michelle Krusiec



Andy has done nothing less than imagine and manifest an entirely new way of conceiving of, creating, and training for theater. This is a sturdy vision that encompasses aesthetic relevance, practical “do-ablity”, a deep moral and spiritual fiber, and a persistent open-heartedness . . . A rare human and artist – a visionary who’s grounded in a deep sense of humanity. He’s rigorous in intellect, intuitive in his creative process, deeply committed to his work, compassionate, and wonderfully practical.

Stephanie Skura   


Andy has a rare capacity to see what students are really doing and to communicate to them what students need to know with a combination of directness, gentleness, and nuance that frankly I’ve never seen before. It’s one thing for a teacher to say something brilliant. Many do. It’s another for a teacher to communicate in such a way that a student is touched by the words, really gets what is being communicated, and is moved to make a shift. That is his gift. Another gift that he has is that he can make a group of students feel comfortable with him very quickly. That capacity to join, to be with, to help students feel he is a teacher with high standards who is on their side is exactly what we needed.

                                                   Saul Kotzubei



I will always think of my acting training in regards to before and after my experiences with Andy. It changed my entire understanding of what acting is and what it does. Quite frankly, I think of Andy when I think of artists who are get up every day and slowly but surely change the world they live in.  Andy is the rare practitioner who works fluidly across the small and interpersonal and the expanse of the world, taking huge issues and finding physical entry points into them. 

Andy taught me how to be at home with my body in a new way - to move away from shame and pain and more toward listening and growing. My work with Andy was unlearning a lifetime of bad lessons about bodies.   

Rachel Nelson - actress, playwright