Made In Taiwan - Michlle Krusiec

For the a decade, it has been a great joy to direct Michelle in this solo work. We have installed it twice in New York, in Los Angeles, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. This most recent reviewer (below) from a 2014 Los Angeles production captures the power of Michelle's acting and writing. 

“Krusiec shows two facets of her artistry: actor AND writer. As a writer, her pacing, dialog, and especially her comic touches and timing makes her stand out among her contemporaries when it comes to constructing a one-person show. Her ability to delicately balance the serious and humorous aspects of the show are very specific and meticulous; Andy Belser provides the nuanced guidance and direction which completes the creative foundation of the work. Krusiec is a very funny writer and this talent elevates “Taiwan” to new levels of subtly and artistry, not only in terms of her narrative voice and dialogue, but also physical comedy---watch for a unique kind of “puppet show” she does when her mother and her friends share their thoughts regarding Krusiec losing her virginity; it is undoubtedly the funniest moment in the play.
 But Krusiec’s acting is what ties “Taiwan” together. Even during her early acting years, Krusiec’s comic timing was evident. But her skills and abilities come to full bloom, especially in her self-deprecating narrative regarding her own insecurities growing up as an Asian American girl. Her portrayals of the many characters in the show are performed with such incredible fluidity, mainly due to her training as a dancer. From her facial expressions to her subtle movements with her body, Krusiec exhibits a superior kind of grace on the stage. By combining that grace with her inborn talent to capture the many characters she portrays---especially the powerfully poignant way she switches from her mother to herself at the end of the play when they say goodbye to each other---Krusiec adds incredible levels of humanity to her performance, which enhances her status as a talented artist of her generation.”                                                                        - by Peter Balaskas, Splash Magazine