A joint production by The Gravity Project and People’s Light and Theatre Company in Malvern, PA, Crispin was the premier production of Russell Davis’s adaptation of Avi’s Newbury Award-winning young adult novel Crispin: The Cross of Lead. Scenic design by Randy Ward, lighting design by John Ambrosone, original music by John Nuhn and costume design by Marla Jurglanis. 

“John Ambrosone bravely lights the play in scary shadows and knife-sharp streaks. Staged dynamically by director Andrew Belser, founder of co-producing company The Gravity Project, Crispin tells the harrowing story on Randy Ward's rough-hewn planks, allowing the actors (in Marla Jurglanis' fascinatingly textured medieval costumes) to create their world. This is a smart, challenging production that, like People's Light's other Family Discovery Series offerings, doesn't talk down . . . The dark, sometimes violent story unfolds gracefully, with action staged behind screens creating eerie shadows, punctuated by John Nuhn's intense sound design. All this shouldn't keep family audiences away, however; the best stories contain genuine danger, and the lessons here are well worth the journey.”
                                                                                                                        - Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper

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